+40m circumference

Maiden flight of my new rotor (Based on a design of Jan Claes) It should have a diameter of 10 meter! 24 panels / 2 bridle lines for each panel +500 meter of bridle line...+40m circumference


It's always a pleasure to see that my KAP pictures are picked up (in an official way) by a publisher.
Here it is a book about the heraldry of one of the most famous abbeys in Belgium.

See the initieel page

Some more abbey pictures:
Tongerlo I
Tongerlo II


During lunchtime, I was able to fly in a very gusty wind my whole new family of trilobites.

Panel layout

Kristiansand Kitesfestival

 One of the festivals that I will remember for a long time.

Kristiansand workshop

together with some good friends,  Dirk, Sonia, Carlos, Karl, Sara, George, Sveinung and the help of the Sola Drageclubb, we made over 300 kites at the workshop in Kristiansand.

Black doves

 Flying my black doves in Ouddorp


 Good memories of a great kite weekend in Kristiansand
(Pictures made by Carlos)

Park Walk - Gent Festival van Vlaanderen

In het kader van het Festival van Vlaanderen waren we uitgenodigd om onze vliegers op te laten op de Park Walk.   700 wandelaars kwamen langs...   Vele families hadden het moeilijk om de kinderen te motiveren om verder te wandelen.  Het was veel leuker om samen met ons (Ivo en ik) vliegers op te laten... (volgens de kinderen  :-)